Explainer Videos: What kind of explainer video is best for my business?

//Explainer Videos: What kind of explainer video is best for my business?

Explainer Videos: What kind of explainer video is best for my business?

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According to some statistics, business owners that include videos in their marketing strategies are experiencing a significant revenue growth. So, it is no surprise why more and more people opt for explainer videos. However, not every explainer video is the same. As you may have already heard, they come in different forms and styles. The real question here is how to select the best kind of explainer video for your business. The simple answer is – by learning more about the most popular ones.

2D explainer videos

Also known as cartoon animation explainer videos are frequently used a type of explainer videos today. They are popular because they are fun to watch and they usually come with some familiar characters. There is a tendency for better resonation when the message is shared through 2D characters. In addition, most 2D explainer videos are humorous and that’s what makes people remember them. The downside is that it’s difficult to explain complex technical information with their help.

3D explainer videos

There is no doubt that 3D animated explainer videos look great. So, visually, they are probably the best option you have. All the characters used in a video like this look livelier. Even the background looks more realistic thanks to the detailed visuals. These videos look very professional too. As a result of that, 2D explainer videos are more expensive.

Whiteboard animation explainer videos

You have probably seen videos in which the hand is drawing things on the screen. This is called whiteboard animation. There is something about human nature that makes people focused on the movement of the hand on the screen. To put it simply, you can rest assured that you will have the attention of the audience. It’s also good for sharing complex business messages in a simple way. When it comes to whiteboard animation explainer videos, it’s all about the strength of the message because even though they look attractive, the characters used in them are one dimensional.

Kinetic typography explainer videos

In the end, we would like to mention the kinetic typography style videos. These videos include written words that come in different colors, sizes, and fonts. They float, make circles, shake and do other things to keep viewers’ attention. This is an inexpensive explainer video that helps you use colors and words that can present your brand in the best way. On the other hand, it’s a little bit difficult to tell a story with an explainer video like this.

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