What makes explainer videos useful for growing brands?

//What makes explainer videos useful for growing brands?

What makes explainer videos useful for growing brands?

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It seems that there is a faulty perception among business owners and marketers about the use and purpose of explainer videos. Namely, most of them think that these videos are only for entertaining and educating target audience. But, in their essence, these explainer videos have many other benefits that they can provide for your growing brand. The following is a list of these benefits and the reasons why you should consider creating one.

Boost your web traffic

With the right explainer video, you can easily turn a completely new visitor to your website into a prospective buyer. You can do this by keeping them on your website for a longer period of time. Some statistics have shown that business websites that have explainer videos get around 40% more website traffic from search engines. The number of inbound links for each post that contains a video like this is increased too.

Turning visitors into customers

Another survey has confirmed that businesses that use videos to product pages (explainer videos) have increased conversions. At the same time, almost half of Internet shoppers have said that they are buying products after watching how-to videos or tutorials. There are many cases where online businesses have boosted their sales for 50% or even 100% after adding explainer videos to their existing product pages.

Boost your visibility

A simple 1-on-1 demonstration can be effective, but this interaction is effective only at that moment. In case you add an explainer video on the Internet, you will make this demonstration eternal and boost the reach. Any person that has access to the Internet can find this video. In addition, you can help and encourage users to share your explainer video/s for even better results. If you want to be sure that you are witnessing the best results, ensure that your videos are visible on mobile devices too.

Invest in your credibility

Online buyers don’t have physical access to your products. That’s why explainer videos are so useful. They can be used to display the mission of your business and explain what your products are all about. Even a small startup can start building a brand name quickly in this way. It helps you look more professional in the eyes of average buyers. Of course, well-established brands can benefit too because they will provide a more humane image for their company.

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